My Mouth is Yours

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Tips4Life

The idea is that in a Master/Slave scenario the Slave (in my fantasy the woman, me, I know cliché) has to clean up the bathroom with her mouth and tongue. Of course the bathroom and the toilet is already clean and, you know, safe to lick. It is a clean and modern, elegant bathroom.
Deepthroating and making my face and tits all messy with saliva (no puke!), then making me lick the saliva from the floor. Doing it Doggystyle while I lick the toilet, dumping my head under water so I can't breathe. Spitting and cumming on the floor and I have to clean it up. Putting my Hair in the toilet and wiping the floor with it. Pulling me around ordering me to lick stuff clean. Fucking in front of the mirror and making me lick it clean, kiss myself.
The Rules are:
- Slave may only use its mouth and tongue and face to clean up stuff - no hands, this applies to the blowjobs also
- Slave has to clean up whatever the master tells it to (please no pee or worse, keeping it not too weird)
- this may be done with vaginal or anal intercourse or, for an extra twist, it may be only aloud to take it up the ass. strictly. no pussy pleasuring at all - she is there only to serve and to be disgraced
- slave has to say yes sir, thank you when getting orders
My fantasy is that in this scenario (consensually and with safe words or course!) the master may use the slaves mouth just like he wants to. Putting his toes in her mouth, choking her with his fingers/hands, using a dildo to deepthroat. Whatever he wants and the Slave has to obey. A disobeying slave gets a punishment: for instance her head gets dumped in the toilet for extended periods of time the more often she disobeys.
For me this a great fantasy: Man roughs up female in bathroom and makes her clean it up. Maybe she wears a stylish maids or schoolgirl costume - not a cheap pornoesque one - a rather erotica-style one. Something for an nice alt-photoshoot. There is also the possibility of using a nosehook, or a mouthspread, to intensify.
I would be happy to see my fantasy lived out in a high quality film.