My Friend and His Brother

A Sexual Fantasy

— By LadyNovember88

I have this good friend, we've known each other for couple of years and I also know his family. Him, his father and his younger brother are all musicians and we're all involved in several music projects together.
They're all so handsome and gorgeous. My friend is tall and has a fit, firm body, most of it covered in tattoos. His eyes are small and sharp, with black hair and fair skin. His brother is only 18 years old with blonde hair, very sexy lips and beautiful big eyes, he's so cute. I confess that I had sex with my friend a couple of times; the first time was when we were drunk and had been talking about our ex's. It happened in his room when his entire family was out of town. He licked my pussy for a long time, until reached orgasm multiple times, it felt so good. That was the start of our fuck-buddies routine. We did it another time in the car in front of his house. Then eventually he found a new girlfriend, so we had to stop. That's when I realized his younger brother was super cute and I really want to feel him inside me. So I started to make conversation, to build a new relationship. We met up quite frequently, went out for drinks and stuff. When he finally kissed me, it had to stop pretty quickly because his friend was there to pick him up. It left me wanting him so much more. I can't stop thinking about how good it would be to have both siblings have sex with me. For now it's still just my fantasy, I wonder when and how I can make it happen. In the meantime, it's all I fantasize about while masturbating.