My First Prince Albert

A Sexual Fantasy

— By DeliciaMalicia

I had travelled to another city to perform with my theater company. When we finished, I was all covered in glitter from the production. This guy, he had come to see the play with some common friends who took him to the show, and then we went all together to an afterparty in a house. Which happened to be a bit lame by the way. We started to chat, he also came from my city. It was the first time we ever met. I found him sexy in a nerdy way: cute, glasses, curly hair, he even was too shy to look me straight in the eye, which kind of turned me on. This city I talk to you about where we were has a long river and many channels, and some people live in still boats. At some point we started to kiss in a very passionate way, first slowly approach, then in a rush. I would leave on a plane the day after so we were living in the moment. And altogether it was really hot, specially because I was feeling very dominant and I had a sense that I was a few years older than him, so for me the whole situation was like I was dragging him to something dangerous and forbidden. But oh boy was I wrong... He took me to the boat where he lived with a roommate (boatmate? whatever), but apparently we were alone. We went straight to his cabin and kissed, fell and rolled on the big bed, stroked each other, pulled off our clothes. I noticed his pierced nipple, which was a huge turn on and let him know. And then, with a sexy look in his eyes he said: "well, wait until you see the other one". My jaw dropped to the floor as he pulled his underwear off completely and then I met his Prince Albert, which gave me a glorious pleasure all night long. Not only we fucked in many different positions (oh that doggy style) but also giving him oral was very funny and sexy. And this is the story of my First Prince Albert. By the way, the following day his bed was all covered on glitter so I guess I also left him something to remember.