Mountain Ride for Three

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Newbi

The setting is a hot spring deep into the forests of a remote Carpathian mountain valley. Not knowing that this is a notorious meeting point for the adventurous local youth, I take soak there, relaxing from a long day of cycling through the mountains. I gaze at the surrounding nature and listen to the close by stream and the occasional sounds from the surrounding wildlife. A couple arrives, equally surprised to meet another human being in this remote place. They greet me, but I see the disappointment in their eyes that I deny them their strongly sought intimacy. For some time, we enjoy the hot water and the nature together. I do not understand their whispered conversation in a strange language, but the way she teases him while they "innocently" cuddle makes it clear to me that she wants him to proceed with their original plan, despite his reluctance due to my presence.

They move to a part of the spring partly hidden behind a rock and the sound of the nearby creek nearly shields all of their sounds. However, after a while I hear rhythmic but suppressed moans and can observe the corresponding waves in the water. After a while his shyness and reasoning seems to gain the upper hand again. They break apart and swim back to an area closer to me. I am totally aroused by now but participate in trying to uphold the illusion of three strangers innocently bathing in a hot spring. Her continued teasing after a while finally breaks his reluctance and they start to have sex right in front of me. I make eye contact with her, move closer slowly and start to kiss her. A shy and short kiss turns deep and intensive and finally I throw away all my fear, start to touch her beautiful body while he continues to fuck her and we fully engage in a wild an uninhibited threesome. The rumbling of the creek and occasional sounds of wildlife now get interrupted by moans of lust and louder and louder examples of the more primal sounds of nature.