The morning after

A Sexual Fantasy

— By buzzlightyear

I'm a 22 heterosexual male. And I've always wanted to have a threesome with two girls I know. One is short, Latina with long brown hair and has the most wonderful body, she is slender but still has curves. The other is a shy regular sized girl , with light brown frizzy hair, very shy but gorgeous. I imagined them both sleeping over at my house after a party. I would wake up in the morning and enter the bathroom to find the Latina (lets call her Sofia) having a shower. She doesn't notice me so I observe her washing her beautiful body, to my surprise she walks out. She gets on her knees and rubs her hand against my crotch gently. She unzips my pants with one hand and runs the other hand up my chest.The other girl suddenly walks in butt naked standing there in surprise but then walks over and joins the fun. Sofia takes out my cock and begins to suck it while the other girl and I embrace. Our passion lasts quite awhile as we move to the bedroom and try multiple positions. After a while they both lie on my bed filled with arousal as I cum all over both of them.