We both wanted more than vanilla

A Sexual Fantasy

— By stevehobson

If sex was ice cream - then I have come to the realisation that I have been eating vanilla for far too long. One marriage after another and I still haven't learnt my lesson! What to do?

The website that I met my cyber lover on was pretty standard. Fat women and old, unfit horny men. Perhaps I am old. God, I hope not! Horny - certainly. Unfit - no. My last half marathon was 1:42;20 which isn't too shabby.

Her ad said "Intrigue me"…. so I did. She has brains - and, if I am to believe her description - she was tall, attractive, fit, sexy and wanting more than vanilla too.

What to do?

We are both married. Both have school aged kids and both can see that it would be so easy to slip into a bland nothingness. A meaningless existence, interspersed with solo masturbation, boring sex with our spouses and a dull numbness that will speed us to the grave.

What do we do? She is not local and we are both busy. Our cyber fantasy sex life is starting to heat up…. But I want more. So much more. But there is the guilt. The feeling of failure and betrayal. Sure, I can love my wife's inner beauty, but I can do that with my mind. What about my body? What about her's?

This moral dilemma is eating me up….