Monsoon weather

A Sexual Fantasy

— By liyo

A mystical raining Monday. We were 3: an intimate group of friends (two boys and a girl), bonded with love, care, vision, thought, and pure lust. Together in a house, we enjoyed the rain and the chilling wind.

She came to us with 3 hot cups of coffee, sat beside a window, and looking at the rain outside said to us "I want to make love in the rain. They are my favorite days. I think I must have been conceived and born during a monsoon." We smiled.

Roaring rain outside, cool mist coming in, the coffee turning cold, and three warm bodies.

We lay on the bed, in relaxed silence, only the rain drops falling from the roof could be heard.

Our limbs entwined, caressing hair, kissing.

That was the first and last rainy day we had... now we are scattered in 3 different directions, both in life and land. But whenever it rains, we like to call each other on the phone and relive our past passions. Every rainy day makes us more romantic, loveable, and lustful.