Monogamy if off the menu

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Tinman

My wife and I have a pretty normal relationship. That is to say that we believe in honesty and trust and would never do anything to hurt each other.
After a good few years in the confines of an honest marriage had made us both feel a little flat and it felt like we needed something more, although this wasn't something that had been discussed yet. One day, in a thinly veiled attempt to direct the conversation towards sex with other people, my wife started talking about the stigmatisation of woman's sexual desires in society and how she had felt at bay by this for most of her life. She said "I'd love to be able to break free from what's expected of me and just let my wild side run free". Seeing where this was going, I decided to test the water a bit.
"Well I'm not going to stop you", I replied, "I'd love to see you with another man"
She looked at me with a devilish look in her eyes and replied "I don't want just another man, I want men!" Those words mixed with the glint in her eyes will stay with me forever. Wanting to hear more I asked "What do you mean by that?". With a liberated tone like a lioness freed from years of captivity, she replied "I want to be licked, touched and fucked in every way. I want to flaunt my sexuality to a group of hungry men, all at once." And with that I felt an explosion of voyeuristic excitement, every bone in my body wanted to see this happen.
I can only hope that the fantasy becomes a reality, but one thing is for sure, monogamy is definitely off the menu.