Monogamy Is Not For Me

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Eric

For all my life I was raised with the Idea of monogamy. And I knew that somehow it was wrong. For some reasons I did feel that this Idea simply cant't work. I was betraying all my girlfriends so far, just because I wanted to break out from the relationship into a night with just a body full of desire. Then I met the girl of my dreams: fantastic sex, great talks and so on. We tried all the things I haven't tried so far. I had absolutely no desire to 'betray' her. Suddenly, I realized that it's not me who needs to break out... I imagine coming home to our beautiful, artsy flat in Berlin like I do every evening. But something is different this time, I see pants on the floor, pieces of underwear, and not only the ones of my girlfriend. I hear sounds of sex coming from our bedroom. I walk over and see her lying on the bed, doggystyle, with her big green eyes looking towards the bedroom door I just entered. Her ass is raised to a tattooed, muscular guy behind her. I see that they both are feeling good, sweating and enjoying. The guy has not expected my arrival and looks a little bit like he doesn't know what will happen. But my brave girlfriend, who always has to have full control over the situation she expected me, and she expected me to see it all. She looks into my eyes and says, "This time I am dominating. Take your clothes off." I do so, while my penis is already completely erect. "Sit down on the couch.", she says. I sit down on the couch on the opposite side of the room where I can watch them continue. "Do you like what you see?" she asks me. "Do you like him fucking the hell out of me?" I am a bit afraid but somehow I love it. "Yes" I say. "Then tell him what to do with me." Then, I start to masturbate and tell this guy what to do with my girlfriend as if he is a marionette in my hands. Softer, harder, bend her over onto the bed, touch her ass. I tell him exactly how to make her feel good, very good. After some time I stand up and come to the bed, she takes my penis into her mouth and we have an enormous orgasm. All three of us together. I am watch the guy come all over my girlfriend. I come into her mouth as she squirts on him. It makes me so happy to see my girlfriend happy. Our love and sex are new to me, it is overwhelming but yet we are equal to one another. I love her. Thats why I love to see her with someone else. It makes me feel good. It makes us feel good. Even if it doesn't fit in the idea of monogamy that I was taught all my life.