Moan for Me

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Mister

My girlfriend is in two minds about how I should act in bed. In life, she is a bossy. This extends to the bedroom - 'get my toys', 'let's change position', 'cum already!', and her favourite - 'cum in me now!'. This is a fetish of hers, one I'm happy to oblige, but I'd like to take my time.
 However, at the same time, she often tells me she wants me to be more assertive, more dominant. We've discussed kinks but due to her assertiveness we never really get the chance to explore them. But my girlfriend insists she is submissive!
 So I'd like to give her a sexy surprise.
 When I'm fucking her, her legs wrapped around me, her voice in my ear demanding that I cum inside her, I want to say "no". When she persists, I retrieve a ball-gag from behind me. At this point, she's more than welcome to shout our so far unused safe word - pineapples. But she doesn't. She smiles, surprised, for a brief moment before shaking her head. 'No, don't, I'll be good!'
 With one hand, I pin her by the wrists above her head. I put the strap over her head, gag resting on her chin.
 'Please, I'll stop!'
 I force the gag into her mouth, though not before I catch a delighted smirk.
 She shakes her head with a stifled murmur, 'Mmmmh! Mmmmh!'
 I whisper into her ear.
 'If you want me to stop shake your head, shout three times'
 She nods, mumbling through the gag. I free her hands.
 'And if you want me to cum inside you?'
 She nods, 'Mmhmm!'
 'Then moan for me'
 I fuck her as hard as I like. As long as I like. She moans in bursts, 'Mmmh! Mmmh!' I lift her legs to my shoulders, thrusting deeper. Her moans franticly. A grasp of her hair, a hand on her neck, her moans louder. I'm getting closer and closer. She feels it too. Madly nodding, moaning incessantly.
 'You want me to cum inside you?'
 Nods and moans, hips thrusting.
 'Then moan!' I grunt. She lets out a single, long moan, her grip on me tightens. I cum as she moans, unloading into her dripping pussy. She squeals with delight.
We embrace, head on my chest, cum oozing from her.
 'Did you have fun?'
 She nods with a stifled smile.