I want my MMF

A Sexual Fantasy

— By panosathens

What I have been fantasizing lately is an MMF threesome with a lot of contact between men. Most of the time all three would be in contact, for example M1 (man 1) would lick M2's (man 2) asshole while M2 would be fucking F (female). The next stage would be M1 inside M2 in the same position. Another position would be M1 inside F in missionary position, while M2 would stand above F, so that F would lick his ass while M1 would suck on his cock. Then M2 could turn around so that M1 would lick his asshole while M2 would fuck F's mouth. Next M1 & F on 69 with the other male switcing between F's vagina and M1's mouth. I would love the scene of M1 fucking F's mouth, while being fucked from behind by M2. M1 & M2 on 69 with F licking their assholes one at a time or fucking them with a strapon...