Mistress Says

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Reggie23

I am dressed in a latex basque, thong and stockings, a riding crop in hand, he stands before me, instruments of pleasure are laid out on the four poster bed. Tonight we will play a game - Mistress says.

I take a seat at the edge of the bed.

“Mistress says massage my feet”

He immediately gets to his knees and rubs my feet, he begins to suck my toes.

“I don’t remember saying you could do that”.

I won’t punish him straight away but it will be noted.

“Mistress says take off your clothes”

Once undressed I take the handcuffs and attach him to the over door restraint. Next I take away his sight with a leather blindfold. I begin to stroke his body with my crop alternating between soft caresses and an occasional slap of the thigh, he doesn’t complain and I reward his compliance by getting on my knees and teasing his cock with my tongue, he tells me how much he wants me.

“Mistress didn’t give you permission to speak”.

As punishment I will make him ache for me…I remove his blindfold and take off my knickers. I sit in front of him on the bed, I pull out a glass dildo and begin to rub it over my pussy, I lay back and insert it, rubbing my clit with the other hand. I make him watch me pleasure myself, he can’t take his eyes off of me. Once I have had my first orgasm I finally release his restraints and give him permission to taste me.

After my second orgasm I begin to ride him. I can feel myself getting close again and know he is too.

“Mistress says you can cum”