Mind Games

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Husand_and_Lover

I often fantasize about spending an afternoon in a downtown lingerie store with my wife, as she tries on some new sets knowing that she'll be wearing it out for drinks that same evening as she looks to attract the attention of willing men. We head back to our hotel, where she dresses up, heels, new lingerie, under an elegant, sexy, yet otherwise seemingly innocent dress. We spend the evening at a chic local bar on a Friday afternoon amongst a corporate crowd, where I stand back and watch other men flirt with her incessantly and unashamedly as she encourages them, becoming increasingly suggestive as the evening goes on. My heart races as I contemplate whether she'll be brave enough to invite a couple of them back so they fuck her, in my presence. She was also out of my site for a good 20 minutes, i wonder what she was up to.