Mexican Sunset

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Dr.Strangelove54

A few years ago we spend our vacations in a lifestyle resort in Mexico. We are both nudists, not swingers. One day, after dinner, we walked naked to the beach, our Pina Coladas in our hands, to see the sunset. We laid down on a beach. On some beds beside us two men and a woman had a beautiful and stimulating threesome. After a while we began to caress each other. The final result was that my wife sat on my cock, her breasts over my face. She took a slow and relaxed ride on my cock. Suddenly a female voice said: " Oh, what a beautiful and sexy ass. May I? " And, without any permission, she began to lick my wife´s ass and, my wife told me later, she fucked her asshole with her tongue. Immediately my wife had one orgasm after the other. Her muscles melted my cock like I´ve never known before. Just before my explosion the lady pulled my cock out of my wife´s vagina, squeezed him and let me ejaculate on my wife´s ass and asshole. Then she cleaned it all up with her tongue. "Thanks for the dessert. " she said and went away. We were both too exhausted to look at her. In the meantime the sun was behind the horizon. Unill now we don´t know who this woman was. But we still like to remember the wonderful " Mexican sunset ".