Menage a trois al fresco

A Sexual Fantasy


My girlfriend and our good, although platonic, woman friend spent lots of time together. We shared a house, ate meals together and swam and skinny dipped in the secluded pool. Our friend was tall, blonde and totally at ease being naked around us. She wasn't being overtly sexual, although she knew that she had a great body, with beautiful petite breasts and a spectacular ass. Other than some coy pats and a peck on the lips, nothing else went on between us.

One clear, warm late summer day, the three of us piled into our car and headed out of town to enjoy the day. We ended up walking on a long, grassy hill coming up off of a well traveled road. This time of year the grass was several feet tall and we tramped our way mid way up the hill and laid down in the grass to take in the sun and warm air. As we lay there, with our friend between us, I leaned sideways and gave her a kiss. To my surprise, and delight, she returned it with something more than a peck. My girlfriend, seeing this, turned sideways and kissed her on the neck and gently squeezed her breast. She liked that and gave my girlfriend a full passionate kiss. One thing lead to another and we slowly removed our clothes while touching and kissing each other, until the three of us were naked in the tall grass. I finally was able to suck on her beautiful breasts. While my girlfriend's face was buried in our friend's blonde pussy, she sucked on my cock and had the first of several orgasms. She put her finger in my girlfriends pussy and licked her, while I fucked her from behind. We fucked and sucked each other for the rest of the afternoon until heading home, exhausted, as the sun started to go down.