Meeting With The Lights Off

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Sexydiver

I get up early for work. Sometimes extremely early, but this particular morning was very special, as I was about to fulfil one of my deepest, weirdest, and most secret fantasies...

This person and I had been chatting and flirting online for several weeks, the tone of our conversations had turned sizzling hot. I summoned courage and shared my fantasy of making love with an unknown woman, which got her really excited. She had a big crush on a soccer referee, alas he showed no interest in her. We both could imagine being with whoever we wished.

We had agreed on a date and time, 5am at her place. She was to leave her door unlocked, all lights off, I would simply join her in her bed. She described her apartment layout to me so I could find my way around.

Tension was at an apex as I parked the car, a prudent distance away, walked past the apartment looking for lights, noise or movement in buildings around me. My senses were multiplied to an unprecedented acuity, heart beating madly.

At the foot of the building, would the code work? It did. I walked up the stairs, avoiding the elevator noise. As I neared her door, a cold chill seized me... what would I find behind it? A guy maybe? Thieves? My curiosity won - pressing lightly the handle, the door was indeed unlocked, I entered, and closed the door behind me as silently as possible.

It was completely dark save for a dim candle in the living room, where I undressed, putting my clothing on the couch. There I was, naked in an unknown living room, at 5am. I found my way and opened the bedroom door, which was pitch black. Silence was thick, a clock was ticking, my cock was already hard and I could hear someone breathing. I felt my way to the bed, and there she was, much too excited to sleep. My hands explored every part of her body...