Meeting With A Stranger

A Sexual Fantasy

— By TheBlackSheep

We agreed that she must be a complete stranger, my man and I. We haven't done this before; where do we start?

We book a motel room in a distant town, book in, go and find a club; the right sort of club, classy and adventurous customers. The stranger is sitting at the bar; I spot her immediately: very short fitted red dress, long glossy dark hair, slim figure, sipping a cocktail. Her hot glance travels first over my man and then over me. We got the message. The stranger is no stranger to this game.

We don't need introductions. After another round of drinks we call a cab. In the taxi she sits opposite me. Her legs part and I can see up her short skirt. No panties, just lacey stocking tops. She's hot. She licks her lips and looks into my man's eyes, giving him the come-on. He moves to the floor of the taxi and starts to caress her thighs. I feel myself start to get aroused too. She throws her head back, showing off her white neck, and before I know it I am there in front of her and kissing her hot mouth. My man has his head between her thighs now and she groans. I know what he's doing to her; I know those fingers and that tongue, how they can turn a woman on. When we arrive at the motel we run towards our room.

Inside the stranger is undressing me, unbuttoning my shirt, pulling my bra so that my breasts are trussed up, sticking out, nipples already hard because of my excitement. She dips her head forward and starts to kiss and suck on my nipples, first one then the other. I feel my juices running. Now my man has his other hand on my pussy too, burrowing inside my panties and into my wetness while he continues to finger and lick the stranger. I reach down and unzip his flies and his hot hard cock springs forwards into my hand. I have to have that in my mouth. Now. I have to taste the saltiness of him. I can feel his excitement, hear him breathing hard, feel him tense and throb as he comes into my mouth. My man starts licking the stranger from behind and she takes over and caresses me with her hands and with her tongue and I can watch her juices flow as we come together...