Me, her and her boyfriend

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Hindal

In times of fluctuating sexual desire, a stable and continuous lust for one (or two) person(s) can reinstate one's faith in life's pleasures.
From the corner of the shared kitchen in the flat, I would glimpse at my classmate-cum-friend, making tremendous amounts of green tea every morning. It is important to mention that her boyfriend stays in the same flat. Our trio, a usually happy and suave, urban, progressive company still struggles with hetero-normative expectations and expressions. My interest in the woman may be called primal, but my attraction towards man should be called something else? No, i don't think so.
The kitchen and the woman with her tea is sort of a daily ritual. This daily ritual is fuelled with lust more so because of the probability of my wishes to come true. Seeing how friendly and experimental they both are, I am simply afraid, what would happen if all that I fantasize will come true?
That fantasy lies in the very kitchen platform. As multitasking as women are, I wonder if she could handle fondling with my penis, her casual brushes and touches on my crotch while being in the same kitchen has given me hopes and wet dreams. Her boyfriend's love for her only makes me want to make love to her more.
I wonder if the boyfriend will like to see, like to watch and probably guide me on how to make more love to her? I wonder if he would join, not in a homo-sexual way, as I don't particularly desire him, but in a homo-erotic, subtle acknowledgement of man to man sexual energy, while 'our' woman lies satisfied between us.

I wonder if they think about it. For I know, her sturdy hands and juicy lips, can fit right well on my stomach, and thighs. For I know his eyes, and comforting hands can stroll through my arms.