Maybe one isn't enough

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Uma

Right now I'm in my boyfriends bed naked, wet and waiting for him to enter his bedroom.
We are in his parents home in the middle of the night. We went there to dinner with his respectful parents and his twin brother.
He comes to me after gently closing the door.

Pulling me hard in to his chest I get even wetter just by thinking in his hard cock inside me. Somehow he knows this and puts his hand under my ass until he can feel all of that warm juice. I moan in response. I'm starting to feel too hot and aroused and his cock is just delicious looking. I try to get down on all fours but he doens't let me. He forces me to stand while he himself get down on me and start's licking slowly, then faster and then opens his mouth and without hurting pretends to eat my pussy, and I'm terrible. I love to be so horny but in my mind while he is going down on me I just need to feel my mouth full. And he knows this. He looks at me while suking on my pussy and puts two of his fingers in my mouth. Knowing it's not enough he comes at me and wispers "What do you really want?". I don't really need to say anything as I grab him to come to me.

I love taking sometime to blowjob since I just love how the pleasure of what I'm doing shows in his face. I love it and it get's me eaven more horny.

I need him inside me. So I get up in front of him and get him closer until his cock is between my legs and under my wetness. He moans whith the warm and I respond to him. We get down to the bed so that he can be inside me.

That's when my fantasies start. It's not that the sex isn't good because it's awesome and I love every moment of it. He loves to fuck and make love to me and I love to be fucked by him. It's just that sometimes something pop's on my mind.

I start imagining that, in fact he's brother is in the next room and his parents are in a room near by. So even if its wrong I start thinking what if his brother is hearing us. What if his father is passing by the bedroom and hears us. And what would happen if one of them or both decided to enter the bedroom.