A master uses no words

A Sexual Fantasy

— By seppschipflinger

A date is set between a slave and an unknown master. The slave is instructed to wait in a hotel room; Blindfolded. The master enters the room. He is silent. He checks the blindfold, gently. He instructs the slave to take off the shirt without saying a word. The master uses the shirt to tie the hands of the slave behind his back. Not with force, very gentle. The slave does not know who the master is but knows that his body is being inspected. The master goes in circles around the slave, a fingertip always on his bare skin. A tap on the trousers is enough to let the slave know that he has to fully undress. No words are spoken. Does the slave know who the master is? Can he even guess the gender? He stands in the middle of the room. Naked and defenseless.