Massage Session

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Passi

I have an appointment for the next tantra massage with HIM. Last time his female partner did the massage with me. It was sensual, she's very sexy .... Now I want an erotic tantra massage with HIM and with bondage. I don't know him, but his face and body on the internet site makes me so hot and wet ... I've been dreaming of it for days. I enter the room with plenty of candles and exotic smells. I'm dressed in black with high heels and I'm wearing my red lipstick. I know he likes high heels an black dresses. He wears a very comfortable large trousers made of indian tissu. His aura is so breathtaking that I start to get shy... What will he do with me? What will he not do? He asks me to pull off my clothes. Asks me to lay down he fixes my hands and my feet and puts a silk scarf around my eyes. Slowly he start the massage and I'm so hot knowing that soon his hands will enter my pussy and massage it... slowly ... intensly.... it's orgasmic and I can't stop moving my body even if I am fixed... Suddenly I feel another pair of hands on my breasts which are caressing me and I know it's HER... She must have noticed last time that I'm willing to learn to explore not even HIM but also HER. She takes of all bondage and I see that not only I am hot and exited – he is too! His erection says enough... While I take his penis in the mouth she starts to lick and suck my pussy... I never thought I would have sex with a woman but it feels so good and I don't want it to stop... I want to get taken by HIM and HER.