Married Confessions

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Dante

This is a true story and it all started with a road trip. I decided on a whim to take the wife on a road trip to kind of get away from it all. At this point, we had been together 2 years and married for one and we thought we knew everything about each other. I knew that she had been with a woman before but I didn't know her true thoughts, let alone my own. For whatever reason on this trip, we started talking about sexuality and fantasies that we had. (We do have a thing between us where we will send porn gifs to each other to get each other all riled up. So we knew about some of our fantasies through the expression of those.) But, we started talking deeper about them and actually addressing them if we would ever do them. She told me that she has been attracted to girls for a while and had always secretly identified as bi. While talking I came to the realization that I have felt certain ways and had fantasies about being with men, something that I had never really thought about as my upbringing told me to not think that way. Though looking back at a couple of times me and my buddies would play with each other's erections after school, I should have known. She asked me if I would ever be with a guy and I said I would. I told her about how I wanted to watch her with a girl and how badly I wanted her to watch me give head and be penetrated as I knew she wanted that as well. From there, we talked about all the fantasies we would want to do from dp, to swapping to just a full-on mash of flesh and passion. This conversation went on for hours and through the end of it and doing some research, yay for cell phones and the internet, we both realized that we both identify more as pansexual than bi. It helped us become closer and helped me identify with my sexuality that I had never felt comfortable to do until that moment when we felt safe enough with each other to let it all out. We now talk about how we can make our fantasies happen safely and research different clubs and apps to make our fantasy become a reality.