make me cum and I will consider forgiving you

A Sexual Fantasy

— By P.Henry

The evening before had been a rare indulgence for me. I was out for a drink with co workers to celebrate the end of a successful week when I ran into an old friend from college. He was the good time friend that we all have. I called my wife to let her know I would be a little later than normal and then returned to the bar to catch up with my friend over just one more drink---or so I thought.

That well-intentioned phone call was the last thing I remember until the next morning.

I awoke in a haze...head throbbing and uncertain as to how I got home. In the bright morning light I blinked through my foggy mind feeling something different...sensing an ominent presence hovering over heart coming to life, I tried to roll over and felt a constraint on my left arm..looking straps were wrapped around my wrists attaching them to the bedpost..."what the fuck.." I thought and pulled at all four limbs realizing I was tied to the bed spread eagle...and nude, no blankets.

Pacing slowly around the bed was my wife. Cold stern look on her face. she quickly revealed her displeasure with me--- coming home at 4am, drunk, no calls, nothing beyond that first call at 6pm. She had a romantic dinner prepared for us and it sat on the table--cold as the candles burned down. I tried to respond and she smacked me across the face and then grabbed my limp cock.
Wordlessly she mounted me...straddling my face her full and hairy cunt inches from my nose...."make me cum and I will consider forgiving you."



She rode my mouth as I tried to please her...desiring her forgiveness almost as much as I now desired to fuck her. She reached her brink of her orgasm and slid off quickly to mount my now throbbing cock. She rode hard and fast...being close, she came almost immediately...and then rode harder and harder, watching my face with a cool detachment. When my blood rose toward climax she pulled off turned and walked out of the room. My punishment - orgasm denial. And I laid tied, cock aching and balls bursting with cum, there was no release in sight.