M, B and Me

A Sexual Fantasy

— By afatsuomaliallessab

I keep having this fantasy of my boyfriend (B), his best friend (M) and me. Am I a bad girlfriend? Idc, it's so hot it makes me wanna cry. It starts out with the 3 of us playing a questions game. I ask M what his kinkiest fantasy is & he tells me I should give him an example. I say "my kinkiest fantasy would have to be having a threesome." He starts mocking me a little and then asks if the third person should be a boy or a girl. I say both would be cool, but my ultimate fantasy entails another boy. He looks at B with a smirk and B laughs. M asks if B is okay with that, and he says: Yeah I don't mind. As long as I get the "bigger share" and he doesn't fuck her, I'm okay. I tell M to finally tell us his kinkiest fantasy and he looks at me amused: Well, I mean, I don't mind. I look confused and ask what he means... He says: As long as we're all on the same page, I'm just saying, I don't mind. We fall silent for a few seconds then start laughing really hard. There is awkwardness and tension in the air. I get up, go sit in front of M and get really close. "Let's see if we have any chemistry first" I say and lean in to kiss him. The kiss is wet and hot. "OK there's chemistry we get it" B says while pulling me away. I laugh and then kiss B really hard while he squeezes my butt cheeks. I pull away and push him onto the pillow. Now they're both sitting on the bed next to each other, hard, facing me. "Are you sure you don't mind?" I ask M while I take off my sweatshirt. "Ummm I mean I think..." he begins. I cut him off turning around and taking off my pants, exposing my ass in a thong. Him and B start cussing. "Take off your pants" I order them. They obey. I crawl up to them, one knee between B's legs and one knee between M's. I sit back, unhook my bra, freeing my breasts and say "suck on them". They both sit up, their throbbing cocks in their hands and each take one nipple in their mouths. They lick them and suck on them eagerly... There's no sex but they treat me like a princess & make me cum twice. I make M cum first then B.