Lust Love

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Sarita

Our fantasy is fact... our real life. An unlikely meeting between a north American woman and a local latino in central America has led to an incredible love affair, filled with passion, fun, and lots of creative and intense pleasure. Instead of just a single fantasy, we have a series that are joyful, lusty and loving. And, we are real, middle aged, middle income people who just happen to be very fit, imaginative and nymphomaniacal. Isn't that REALLY what people want? In just the first year together, we have enacted many dozens of XConfessions worthy episodes including every possible position, body part and toy, complete with intense emotion, romance, and bilingual pillow talk. We have sought out situations including on the rooftop under the stars, at a picnic in a historic park, camping at the beach and in the rain forest, at the dance club, at a waterfall, in a mountaintop cabin, in a yoga studio and in every room of our high-rise apartment. We often include other people in imagination and words which could become filmed fantasies, but we are completely monogamous and will marry on the anniversary of our first night together. Imagine the potential for an addicting erotic "tela novella" pumped up on ecstasy!