Luscious Lizette is Teasing Me

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Phillipe

As soon as I suggested we go I knew that Lizette was not keen on the idea. But I told her the event would be at one of the oldest wineries in Sonoma County, it will be in the afternoon so it will be sunny and warm, the food and wine will be great, and it is a charity event. She agreed, but I could tell by the glint in her eye that she had something in mind. I found out what that was soon after we were in the car to drive there.

The winery was an old stone house with the winery in the rear. A large, formal courtyard was in front of the house. Tables were set up with drinks and food. I lost sight of Lizette as soon as we arrived as she went to find something to drink.

I quickly found her and enjoyed looking at her legs as she walked from table to table. The sight of her legs always gets me aroused and today was no exception And she knew it. For the next hour or so she enjoyed teasing me as she sat down to sip wine and spreading her legs apart to show off her legs and pussy. Or by leaning over to talk to me so I could see that she was not wearing a bra. Finally, she grabbed my wrist and led me into the old stone house and into the library, and led me to where two chairs were facing each other. She told me to sit down. I did.

She told me that she knew how arousing it was looking at me, in fact she said she as getting aroused as well. But she wanted to know how aroused I got and told me to unzip my pants so she could see my cock. I did and it was hard. I noticed that she was rubbing her breasts and her nipples were getting erect and poking out against her blouse. She asked me if I found it erotic, I nodded yes. Then she said that she wanted to know how erotic and it was enough visual stimulation to make me want to pleasure myself and cum. I started stroking my cock as she continued rubbing her breasts.

Lizette said that she was getting aroused and I watched as she moved a hand between her legs and up to her pussy. It never takes Lizette long to cum, and today was no exception.