Lunch with suprises

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Jamie

A recurring phantasy of my wife: It is a nice summers day. A couple in a nice house. The kids are off to school/ summers camp. The wife is off work for the day and the two set up a lunch date with intimate benefits. She is about to prepare the food while being naked just wearing an apron when the doorbell rings. She sees a couple who they are friends with standing outside thus she decides to open the door. When she opens the door a nice breeze touches her vagina and lifts the apron a little bit so the friends can see her being naked. They ask if it was a good time or if they should come back another time. But the wife invites them inside. They offer to help with the lunch preparations but also to get naked as well as to overcome the brief awkwardness. The wife hands them two aprons and so the three start cooking. While preparing the food they talk and laugh and once in a while touch each other briefly. Especially the male friend and the wife get in contact once in a while. Notably when he has got hard his penis touches her thighes as well as her butt when he turns. At some point they start to touch each other a bit more and to make out. He rubs her vagina slowly but growing in intensity before he lays her on the counter and starts taking her from behind. His wife is watching but has slowly started to play with her pussy before she sits down in a comfortable chair across the room from where she can observe the action and play with herself more comfortably. At that point the husband returns home but didn’t ring the bell as he wanted to surprise his wife thinking she was home alone. At first he hears a few noises but slowly he identifies it as a relaxed moaning slowly getting louder. He observes his wife being taking from the back while hiding behind a wall with a view to the kitchen. At some point she notices him, smiles and points to the female friend. He goes over to her slowly as she gets up to open his trouser. She starts rubbing his penis but doesn’t let him get close to her pussy. She rubs him hard until he ejaculates on to her. She takes the fluid to continue to masturbate until she comes. By that time the other two have finished as well. So the wife and the female friend come over and they start playing together. They lay the husband who has just come home down on the floor and his wife sits down on him to ride him while the female friend sits down on his face to be licked before the two women start playing with each other while still being on top of him. At some point the male friend joins the wife, plays with her breasts and starts rubbing her clit before he will be sucked by his wife while she is still sitting on the face of the other one. At the end they shower together and enjoy a nice lunch together.