Luna Loves You

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Phillipe

A Halloween Fantasy. My wife and I are staying at an old and elegant sea side hotel. In the lobby they have movie DVDs to play in room. We find a DVD with a sticker stating that the movie was filmed in the hotel. We take it to our room to watch later that night.

After dinner and champagne we settle in our room to watch the movie. The movie begins with scenes of the hotel and the beach. Then a naked woman who looks just like Luna Corazon walks toward the screen and says “I had the most erotic time here. Let me show you how I spent my time.” Then the tv screen gets all fuzzy, diagonal lines crisscross the screen, and then the screen goes black.

We look at each other and agree that the movie started off exciting and we wished we could have seen how she spent her time. Then it gets strange. We look to our left and there she is sitting on the loveseat. We stare at each other for a couple moments and we say “what are you doing here?” as she says “What are you doing in my movie?”

We tell her what happened with the DVD and how we wanted to see the erotic time she had at the hotel. She tells us that she will do one better and all three of us will relive those adventures. For the next couple days we all enjoy many erotic pleasures in our room, by the pool, and at the beach.