Lucky dices rolled for me

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Azraelaod

My husband and I like to play games with a twist. We have dice which we take in turns to role. On it we read things like, watch, blindfold, tied, anal, to name a few. We role the dice after we've had sex so it gives us time to surprise each other. It could be weeks until we act it out. The only rule is: it must be a surprise.

This time he rolled blindfold, public, threesome.

A few weeks had past since our last game & I had forgot about it. We went to the cinema to watch a movie. Arriving at the cinema my husband blindfolded me and took me in. It took only a few minutes into the film that I realised this was no ordinary cinema. They showed porn. All I could hear was the moans & groans as the actors fucked. I was getting so turned on. Gently a hand (not my husbands) caressed its way up my inner thigh and up my skirt. Pulling my legs apart I felt a body shift itself between my legs that began licking me. Rough hands tore at my blouse exposing my breasts. It occurred to me that anyone could be watching & I loved it. Grabbing the head between my legs I soon realized that the person who was giving me so much pleasure was a woman. I had never been with a woman but I wanted nothing more than for her to bring me to climax.
I was lifted from my seat & bent over a chair as someone entered me. I gasped I was so close. Sitting back down into the chair on top of him I fucked him as my unseen goddess licked my clit. It was too much and I orgasmed to the sounds of porn.
My head swimming from pleasure was guided forward onto her pussy I gently kissed it. I wasn't sure how to start, it was my first time on another woman. It didn't take long though. I licked as she was fucked and I tasted him on her as they climaxed. It was exquisite. Removing my blindfold I looked around the cinema. Other couples were fucking, and watching others fuck.
I love the cinema. Can't wait to go again!