Loving my body

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Jules

I am a middle-aged woman who is comfortable with my sexuality. I just got out of a 28-year marriage. And now I’m ready to fulfill all of my sexual fantasies. I want to have a threesome with two males. I don’t want one eating me out while I am sucking the other guy. While I’m being eaten out I am cumming! Which makes it hard for me to concentrate on sucking the dick that is in my mouth. We then rotate positions and I am now in the middle of two very hard erected dicks. I take them both on at the same time. One in my butt and one in my vagina. We are in an awkward position. One is laying down on the bed and the other is standing behind me. We all start fucking slowly and then we start going faster and faster! I am on the verge of cumming then I lay down on the bed and they take turns licking my wet pussy. I am getting fingered at the same time as I am getting eaten out. Then one of them put their dick back in my mouth to stop me from moaning. The one eating me out stops and makes my G-spot squirt. And I moan in ecstasy. The one that is in my mouth cums at the same time as I do. The two of us make the one eating my pussy cum. While I’m struggling with him, the other guy is making out with the other guy. I ride hard until he cums!! We then lay in Bed exhausted from the wonderful sexual experience and pleasure!