Loving cuckold

A Sexual Fantasy

— By smalldick84

Me and my wife have a one sided open relationship. I'm faithful to her and she get's to play around. She has had a regular lover for few months now. And he has become a friend for me too. I as a cuckold spend some time with him too watching sports and going out for a beer sometimes. He really gets our relationship and doesn't push for anything. Me and my wife have played with femdom since the beginning of our relationship and orgasm control and chastity play is a regular part of our relationship. With her regular lover we have had a chance to combine these together. My confession is one of our hottest love making session where I was in chastity the whole time we had a interesting threesome. My part was a supportive and caring one where I kissed my wife, carressed her, held her hand and her hair. I also used my mouth on her body. My wife and he did all the same things and had hot sex while I watched on the bed participating like I mentioned above. It was a very deep emotional experience to witness their love making. She held an eye contact with me almost the whole time. He was tender when needed and picked up the pace when she needed it. I held her the whole evening and kissed her when he climaxed in her. Afterwards she let me out of chastity and stroked me to my climax while he was still lying in bed beside us. That made our triangle romance more deep and made us more close than ever. We still see him at least once a month and our sex life and relationship blooms better than ever. That is my confession.