Love Triangle

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Ellsbells

I am a bicurious exhibitionist, and I always had this fantasy of making love with a woman in front of my bound male love interest. He is tied or cuffed to a chair, forced to watch us as we pleasure each other, moaning, we’re the ones in control, and he is helpless to his arousal, his erection painful against his jeans, unable to release himself. I love the power we have over him, teasing him with our ecstasy and lust for one another, women together united as one. Eventually, when it is all growing too much, we crawl over to him, animalistically, and tease his erection with our tongues, taking it in turns to fuck him. We moan in pleasure, but we remain in control, and we even decide when and where to cum (usually in my pussy, I love cream pies!).
It is always sensual, and it is the woman I fall for, the one whose eyes I gaze into and lips I kiss when we orgasm, all of us together.