Lost & Found

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Hendrink

Found a notebook with sketches of women's figures, in different positions , a book:"Pleasure, seduction and unconventional love” and a cellphone. Random numbers on the password, and I guess it, home screen open, hit the Camera Roll app. A series of photos of a woman tied by ropes hanging from a bamboo with her hair touching the floor and her body making a strange figure, but her face looks at peace, In the background I can see with some ropes in hand and without a shirt, the man who owns the cell phone, In another set of photos, a woman with what it look like leather belts, all over her body, many people around, as if watching while she poses for them in different positions that are guided by this strange cellphone owner. Several more photos of a woman perfectly covered in wax from her shoulders, her breasts and her nipples with already dry wax drawing a perfect photo. More pics lying down, with her back naked and full of wax, and then a video, of "him" removing the wax slowly, patiently. Suddenly a call comes in which I answer .. "Excuse me, I forgot my cell phone, a book and a notebook, do you have them?” I look at him directly in the eyes and I tell him “I’ll return your cell phone and your things if you do something like what you have in your camera roll that I accidentally discovered yesterday”. He told me, I need my phone, and you need to discover something in you that you don't know is there waiting to be taken out of the deepest inner being. I was in shock. Went to his place, he tie me up with ropes on my wrist and hung me from a Bambu holding from the ceiling, Red was the word to stop, Then he hit my ass and softly touch all my body and tits with that whip. Then he touch my shoulder down to my Brest and nipples with ice, dry the humidity, cold drops falling my body, then wax running my shoulders to my nipples until it dry, then he start cutting little holes on my stockings, slowly, until full of holes, then he start taking the wax from my body with the same knife. Then, he put his dick inside me, and fuck me until I vanish of pleasure. Wake up in a sofa, with him massaging my hand and wrist, my ass, my tits, delicious after care. I’m on it for more.

I have a bigger description of this.. if need it.