Lord of the Ring

A Sexual Fantasy

— By birk

"I'll be right back," she said and left.
I started preparing things for dinner. I put on Love Supreme by John Coltrane and poured myself a nice glass of Merlot. I went to the kitchen and started chopping the ingredients for a fresh pasta.

My wife came back and for the first time in months she looked very excited, hot and sexy. She pulled down my boxers and caressed the inside of my leg, stroking her fingers over my testicles and grabbed my penis to play with it for a while. Then I felt something cold touching my dick.

She sat down on her knees in front of me and took the tip of my penis in her mouth. I was so hot and afraid of cumming before we even started. She stopped and when I looked down I saw her shoving this metal ring around my cock as she kept licking my penis which was getting very hard. I felt the ring pushing my balls forward.

I grabbed her big butt and placed it between the ingredients. I kneeled down and while I worked her clit, her grunts and sighs were getting faster. I teased her by rubbing the tip of my penis against her wet pussy. I pounced onto her womanhood again with my tongue and wouldn't stop licking and sucking for the next 15 minutes. I heard her moans and held her legs even tighter in my arms. Her thighs vibrated and with a loud scream she came. I tasted her sweet cum.

"Now please fuck me," she said whilst holding herself open with her fingers. I got up and thrust my swollen hard dick inside her. She screamed out she loved it and I kept pounding my dick in and out her gorgeous wet pussy. We were all over the appartment fucking eachothers brains out in perfect rhythm. She couldn't hold it anymore and had a very loud orgasm that made her body shake for for a few minutes... Our naked bodies were wrapped around eachother. There was a scent of sweat and hornyness around us.

"Now it's your turn," and she sucked my sensitive balls. She felt my heartbeat in her mouth. I took the cockring off and my dick dissapeared back between her hands. Within seconds she made my warm juice come all over her beautiful and sexy body.