Look at me having pleasure

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Masturbation-vS-boyfriend

I just had this vision while masturbating. I was looking at your short films and confessions when I started to get a bit more concentrated on myself. And saw in front of me, looking at me, my boyfriend, who I love and cherish, while I was masturbating. He was there, in front of me, hard as I never saw him as hard, wanting to come above me and starting penetrate me with all his love. I told him to stay there, that he would be able to join me only when I decided. And that he couldn’t even use his hand, he just had to look at me and be patient. I was on the bed and him standing in the room, hard as fuck. It was the longer 10 minutes he never endured, and I liked having pleasure while I couldn’t. I authorized him to come nearby only when I was about to finish, he had the authorisation to lick me and help me to. He thanked me getting him released by giving me the best orgasm I never had. 
(sorry I’m a French girl, there might be mistakes in my english !)