Long time no see...

A Sexual Fantasy

— By ark

My friend had just come from Milan to London for a visit to the city. I was excited to see his exotic face again. I had always had a crush on him! But time went by. But this time he brought his sweet girlfriend along!

My boyfriend and I decided to invite them for a night out together. We started at a bar, in this warm night of July, drinking and talking about what we've been up. Drink after drink me and the girl were best friends already and we started talking about sex! The boys were kind of amused as well, so me and my boy exchanged our signal and decided to reveal that we are looking for someone to do swing.. we always do it as a joke, for a test.. but this time we could see their surprised and excited eye contact to one another. They were into the polyamory kind of relationship and they wanted to have some adventure abroad!

So we stayed some time talking about this polyamory thing.. asking questions to one another and at the same time we started flirting all together! And we could feel the room temperature raising.. Then the music was very appealing for us to join.. at this time I was so horny already with all this talk and flirting thing that we started dancing in such a sexy way with our respective lovers, but kind of competing with the other couple. The pub was quite full of people dancing! We were in this protected area behind a table and chairs.. No one could really see what we were doing besides dancing!

My boyfriend was touching my clitoris beneath my skirt, and I could feel him so hard in my ass! I felt that my friend was really into me, but more than that, his girl was also into me.. at some point she hold my hand and passed it between her legs.. she had no panties and she was so wet and I could feel my friends penis fucking her.. I never touched a girl before and I received this as an invitation, so I kissed her briefly and we exchanged bitchy horny looks... I turned to my boy and he pushed me against the wall... I was so horny and wanted him to fuck me right away.. and so he did! The girl in the bar came to us with a key...