A little sharing goes a long way...

A Sexual Fantasy

— By in_nomine_patris

The thing I hope most to find in a man is the one thing I'm not sure I will: I fantasize about a man who will take pride in me so much that he won't just brag to all his friends about me, but he'll actually share me with them.

He would always be with me, of course, watching, encouraging with heated words of lust and a hungry gaze, the occasional brush of his fingers against my ankle or my nape or perhaps along my spine. But when he invited his friends over, he wouldn't fuck me. That would be their job. And mine would be to please every last cock he provided me with.

I'd try to keep my eyes on him, to make sure my actions pleased him, but with countless hands all over my body and cocks vying for every hole, I'd have no choice but to focus on the men surrounding me and the cocks seeking entrance into my mouth, my pussy, or my ass.

They'd be vocal, telling him what a tight pussy his little slut has and how good my ass feels and how damn good it is to choke me on their big dicks and he'd say nothing, just smirk, always watching as they claimed and fucked and used every orifice until I was sweaty and covered in come.

Only when I had satisfied every single one of his friends would he finally come to me, fisting a hand in my hair to force me down on his cock and I'd take him deeper than any of the others, because he was mine and I only served them because he asked me to. He would choke me on his cock and I'd love every second of it, pussy aching and wet and desperate for release, but focused on him. It would only be once he finally came - spattering each spurt across my cheeks, my breasts, my belly - that he would tell me I could finally come. All it would take would be his fingers sinking into my pussy and I'd lose it, gushing against his hand. And even though the room would be full of other men, for just a moment, it would just be the two of us again, sharing a secret smile no one else was privy to.