Like Father, Like Son

A Sexual Fantasy

— By seductivesinner

This is my taboo fantasy. Maybe too taboo? That's up to you and your viewers to decide.

I have a crush on a guy who's in his early 20s, kind of inexperienced, but I fantasize about teaching him what I know, being a little older than him. His girlfriend is around his age, but I can't expect her to know as much as I do. That in itself isn't really the taboo part.

I also like his dad too.

His dad is so much like him, only more mature. I know for a fact his wife doesn't really give him much sex anymore, if at all. He's been posting articles on Facebook about how sex is healthy and good for you in a relationship, but it seems to be falling on deaf ears.

Not only do I fantasize about both of them separately, I also fantasize about being with them in a threesome!

I know it's totally inappropriate and wrong, but both of them are so attractive to me. If I started sleeping with them both separately, eventually they might find out about each other. Instead of being upset, they're actually turned on by the thought of sharing me! They are so close, they're like best friends or even brothers, more than father and son. Maybe we meet for a drink one night and they bring the subject up. I'm surprised, yet not surprised, because deep down it's my secret fantasy. After a little persuasion, we all agree to meet again for our tryst.

I think about where it will be. At a hotel? When the wife/mom is away at their place? At my place? Maybe we go away somewhere out of town? I think about how they will seduce me, the foreplay, the main event, how we would pleasure each other. But that's for Ms. Lust and Co. to "fill in" the gaps (pun intended) - hopefully!

Thanks for reading my confession! I hope mine gets chosen to come to life! :-)