Higher level orgy

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Sted.

This is not so much my confession but something I would love to experience but will not be able to so you love for you to bring it to life.

I enjoy seeing the anticipation pleasure and ecstasy of the participants as they enjoy their experience, real people, real tits ( I do like a hairy pussy!) and real pleasure and orgasms.

This brings me on to my idea.

So what it comes down to is a group of people male and female (maybe 3 of each but up to yourself), they are all completely nude and each puts on a blindfold. They then proceed to enjoy through touch and smell each others and their own bodies. Through stroking, licking, oral and full penetration.

By removing the sight element they are lost in the experience and the people that they are having sex with. How the person looks is not important they are experiencing what comes from within, so young or old, fat or thin..etc.. does not come into it. They are purely there for their pleasure and that of others. Which is important in this age where image is everything.