Lets Spend The Night Together

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Francesca

Two old friends of mine were visiting me for the weekend. After a long night of drinking, dancing and an incredible lot of fun, we got back to my place. It went without saying that we shared my bed, as it’s pretty big and, well, there’s no real alternative in our small apartment anyway. Their premise was that I lay between the two of them, so they don’t get too close to each other at night. Well, not a problem for me.
So I was lying on the side between them and when I moved a bit to find the right sleeping position, my butt slightly touched Luca. He didn’t complain and I found it quite comfortable. After a short while I noticed something pressing softly against my ass and a few seconds later I realized it was his dick growing in his pants. He seemed to like my butt. I had to restrain laughter. He moved away a bit, I followed him and gently rubbed my buttocks against his seat. His dick was hard. He still didn’t complain when I continued rubbing and finally reached out my hand behind me to touch his erection. Slowly I stroked it through his pants, while Luca lifted my shirt and massaged my tits. I pulled down his pants, then mine. Without any hesitation he pushed his dick inside my pussy.
When I looked up I saw Tim’s face, who had turned around and watched me getting fucked. I was about to come when Luca pulled out his dick and shot his load over my ass. I rolled over to Tim and sat on top of him, riding him fast and hard until I climaxed. He turned me around and fucked me in missionary. Without saying a word, we all fell asleep.
When I woke up in the morning, they were still sleeping and I moved over to Luca. I took his dick in my mouth and sucked it. He slowly woke up with his hard one between my lips and I’m not sure if he was fully awake already when he came into my mouth.