Let's play Good Cop, Bad Cop

A Sexual Fantasy

— By zmicheala

I want to dominate the shit out of some hot young rookie policeman. I imagine him as some macho stud who follows all the rules and has something to prove. The kind of guy that played football in high school and has always had a respectable relationship with some pretty blond thing.

I imagine him on the clock, patrolling some sketchy neighborhood or red light district, trying his best to look tough despite feeling a bit out of place. He separates from his partner for a bit, strolling the streets on his own, and notices me watching him. I watch him, shamelessly appraising his hard physique, his cop uniform, his macho mannerisms. He’s not used to being the subject of a voyeur, and he doesn’t know what to make of someone like me, pierced, tattooed, masculine in a way, very unlike the girls he’s usually surrounded with. He tries unsuccessfully to ignore me.

Maybe he’s ordered to question people in the area, or maybe he just becomes so uncomfortable with being watched that he approaches me. We speak, his words falter as I seduce him, he follows me up to my shitty apartment ashamedly, terrified and horny as all fuck. I undress him slowly, unarm him, try and use his own handcuffs to restrain him. He fights me on this, regaining his senses for a second, perhaps has a moment of panic and tries to take advantage and arrest me.

We struggle, but in the end he is overwhelmed by his own desire and lets me tie him up, perhaps with my tanktop or some article of my own clothing. Having full control over the situation I tease him, taunting him, hovering over him and masturbating, I end up succeeding in using his own handcuffs against him and he is only allowed to touch or to cum when I order him to.