Let's Jam Together

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Music Lover

A married couple who is part of a band runs a music library out of their house in my city. Rows of shelves and their entire living room packed with music gear. They are both soft-spoken, gentle souls, - small framed and delicate seeming - who are all about music. I feel very grateful to have access to musical instruments this way....the problem is, every time I go over to check out an instrument, there's sexual tension between the husband and I. A friend warned, "if you don't address it, something will happen." I went to a jam night they held, a bunch of strangers completely improvising together on all sorts of various instruments - clarinet, guitar, electronic drums, synthesizer. It was peculiar, but fun - and my first time meeting the wife. The husband was avoidant and I could sense some odd energy from the wife - she seemed to be getting a feel for me, am I a threat? I went home that night, riding my bike, and noticed a fantasy unfolding. I said to myself, you know, I truly don't want to jeopardize my library privileges, or encourage adultery. But, if I could check them both out as my instruments for even an hour.....