Let the sex games begin

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Mixed to Measure

My fantasy is set in a house, intimately lit and tastefully furnished. Our contestants step forward, five women on one side, each gorgeous in their own right but representing different ends of the physical spectrum. From milky white skin to smooth ebony, straight blonde hair to tight curls, full and voluptuous to supermodel skinny.

On the other side step five equally diverse and beautiful men, of different hues, shapes and features.

They stand facing each other and between them stands the Madam, older, sexy, dripping with a wealth of sexual experience. She declares the games open.

The first game involves one female and one male contestant, chosen at random by the madam, stepping forward. Each has a game show wheel in front of them displaying multiple body parts: penis/vagina, mouth, hand/finger, ass, breasts , feet. Between the wheels is a box labeled "secret". The madam explains that each contestant must spin the wheel, and their challenge is to bring the two chosen body parts together in the most sensual and sexy way possible. The secret box contains something to add to the spice. It may be a toy, a call to bring in another contestant, or another body part. The madam will score them on sensuality and convincingness, and they will get bonus points if they can get the other to finish. Several pairs step up to spin, feet are matched with mouths, penises with vaginas, assess with hands. Toys, threesomes and stunning performances ensue.

The next game is a game of roulette. First a male contestant is chosen, blindfolded and his hands tied behind his back. Then, the women bend over around him, forming a ring of beautiful naked asses and vaginas. The madam spins him around and stops him facing one of the girls. His goal is to find out which girl it is using only his mouth and his penis. He eats out and fuck the girl in front of him, and gets points for choosing correctly. Next a girl does the same, only this time surrounded by a ring of penises. the madam eventually names a winner based on each individual's performance