Let me be your table

A Sexual Fantasy

— By mageebby

Such a weird fantasy that my boyfriend and I recently developed.

I envision myself in my black, laced lingerie with my silk black robe on. I hear the door knock, and it's my boyfriend coming home from work in a navy blue suit & tie. I remove his coat and ask him how he'd like his scotch? He gives me a kiss and says, "On the rocks, baby."

I make his scotch the way he likes, and hand him his newspaper to read. I bend over into a table like position and prop myself up as if I was his coffee table. He sets his scotch between the dimples of my back and reads his newspaper. For some reason, me being his coffee table really turns me on. The cold whisky sensation, his feet propped up on my back to rest while he relaxes/winds down after a long day. Eventually, he begins to drip the whisky on me- licking it off my ass. He tells me that I've been a good, and rolls up his newspaper and begins to spank me with it. He reaches for me and pulls me onto him while we proceed to have an amazing sexual experience from being so turned on.

I could honestly be so turned on either way, with me as his coffee table or vice versa. It's something we totally would have never thought to turn us on but it is a new exciting fantasy of ours that we can't wait to try.