Let's take taboos down

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Is&An

We are a married couple, with a very satisfying and open minded sex life. We use all sort of toys, play the naughtiest role games, play BDSM sessions... (Which by the way plenty of times include your X-Confessions films being played in the background).

But there is one thing, only one thing, which we have not been able to fulfill, and therefore it has become a never ending fantasy. We suffer with all the taboos and moral hypocrisy around sex, which is specially hurtful when it comes down to a good friend of ours. She is... so shy, with a "sex is nothing but a dirty thing", not for decent girls mentality.... The two of us have been thinking a while on doing a threesome, where we would be able to teach her how to enjoy BDSM and sex like we do. Just a beautiful and elegant BDSM session, where both of us could discipline and show our friend how great the mixture between BDSM and sex can be. A session where all the taboos were finally taken down once for all.

That is our fantasy. How great would it be if we could see ourselves represented on one of your beautiful XConfessions.