A Sexual Fantasy

— By Pelicano35

I have always been fascinated with female elegance, beauty and glamour. Women can express sensuality and sensitiveness in its highest level at the same time. Although I consider myself an heterosexual male, I must confess that I've always fantasized about observing closely two mature women (40-45 age) or two mature women with a younger girl (18-20 age, preferably without any sexual experience with females, but curious) exploring their sexuality and sensuality together.
I would like it to work like a big sensual tutoring time for everybody, in a very nice house, flat or generous hotel room with a huge white bed. Having the chance to observe the women interact and share their sensual dreams and intimate sexual desires, being myself sufficiently distant to not to spoil the atmosphere and close enough to capture every eye and body expression. It would be terrific... I would silently sit on that bed, observing everything, slowly starting to interact mostly to be taught about female sensuality and sexuality, their thinking and their body details (a thing that I really think most men are not educated about, and yet some arrogant don't feel stimulated to learn).


The mature take the teaching position by talking, answering questions and practically mapping each other. They stimulate me (or me and the younger girl - always wanted to observe a younger girl discovering sensuality of both genders at the same time) they explore what they mention, like a sensual tour guide. Eventually we all get involved in the sexual atmosphere, and multiply the endless combinations of pleasure and sexual discovery using our bodies, some toys, food and other tools to maximize this incredible experience and develop further knowledge for our future partners.