Lap Dance for a Woman

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Kimmie

I drove past the club from the hotel daily. I had been to one once, for my ex's birthday. It was mid afternoon, the parking lot mostly empty, when I walked in. A brunette was dancing on the stage. She smiled at me as I sat at a table back away from the stage. I nursed a beer, feeling conspicuous, as the only woman in the audience. Suddenly she grabbed my arm. It was the brunette from the stage, and a blonde I had not seen to that point. I protested as they walked me down a dark hallway. I glanced in an open doorway. A man's head was thrown back in ecstasy as a dancer on her knees bobbed up and down in his lap. The pushed me in the last room, onto a small couch. They pushed my legs wide, my short, sundress pulling high up on my thighs, exposing the lace of my brief panties. Both their bras hit the floor and they each straddled one of my thighs. The brunette pushed her breast in my face. My tongue quickly finding her nipple, as the blonde was opening the top of my dress. She pulled my bra down, freeing both of my breasts. They each kissed a nipple as the slid their pussy's against my thighs. Hands found their way to my inner thighs, stroking my now damp panties. They pushed me down on the small couch and brought me to heights of pleasure I had only dreamed of.