Lady you're under arrest

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Dominatrix

Cops always make me feel awkward. Even being the law-abiding citizen and let's be honest, the good girl that I am, I still feel as if they will catch me for something I'm doing wrong. But there is this one cop, Michael, a regular at the coffee shop I work for who has something different about him. I don't know if it's his smile or those sleek, silver handcuffs swaying back and forth on his belt. One night after I closed the shop and said goodbye to my coworkers, Michael approached me and asked me to come to his squad car. As we came up to it, he turned me facing the car and placed my hands in his cuffs. "You're under arrest," he said. He placed me in the back seat of the car and started to drive off. I was terrified I'd done something wrong or something was going to happen to me. We approached a home and he parked in the driveway. He brought me from the car, inside to a bedroom. He un-cuffed me and told me I was his little criminal who was under "his" arrest. He started taking his clothes off and then took mine off. He put his belt back on and told me to lie down on the bed where he hand-cuffed me to the headboard. He kissed me... All over. He placed his penis in my mouth and I sucked him. He fucked me... hard. I came, I surrendered to him and all the pleasure he gave me. Ah, if only I had been under his arrest. I guess I'll never know what it's like being in Michael's handcuffs.