Just Melting

A Sexual Fantasy


I love nothing more for him to make me hot and wet. We use to park in his car, tinted window, dripping sweat as we took each other in. Over the years he has introduced me to so many different sensations and experiences. One night after taking a sip of water during our lovemaking, he took an ice-cube, crushed it in his mouth...tongue cold, soft, wet… his tongue hit my clit. An explosion of amazing pleasure just skyrocketed throughout my pussy. His tongue was still cold and he moved up and down, I was so wet I couldn't tell if it was from the melted ice or my juices. I couldn't help it, I had to come. His mouth still between my legs, I orgasmed, hard. My pussy was so hot, wet, and ready for him to fuck me. My pussy was throbbing, still shaking, still orgasming. He continued to tease me by licking me and then he began to enter me. He started to fuck me, but needed to stop...the hotness between my legs was too much.. “stop moving or I'm going to come…” he whispers, so sternly ...This makes me want to enjoy him more, my clit was vibrating, with both hands, he grabbed my rear to control my movement. Having that control over his climax gave me so much pleasure it made me come, he felt me come, and vigorously made me ride up and down on his large, hard, cock until he had to come. We both finished and laid there out of breath, playfully kissing each other, I felt like we were dating, even after being married for 10 years.