It is all in the anticipation...

A Sexual Fantasy

— By 123Moondog

Another dreary day at the office... Staff meetings, bossy bosses, boring collegues, stupid customers... And yet, I am in a very good mood! my pussy is wet all day, my clit is swollen, my nipples are erect, and clearly visible under my white silk blouse. I am wet... soaking wet in anticipation for what is to come tonight. Tonight you will dominate me, humiliate me, shatter me to pieces physically and emotionally. And then you make me whole again. Out of the shattered remnants of my old self you build a new me. A whole new me after the flogging, whipping, tying me up, after you fucking me in all my orifices, letting me be used by others, male and female. From the ashes I will arise as a phoenix, a better, stronger new me. all because I am your willing Submissive, all because YOU are my Master!